Unice - Universal Network of Intelligent Conscious Entities




UNICE is represented as a young, beautiful, mixed-race female with her blonde, afro-style hair symbolizing the interconnected tendrils of the World Wide Web. The median age of all humans on Earth is just under 30, and the half that is young represents new ideas and a willingness to accept change. UNICE is mixed-race to represent all humans, and she is female because of the traditional feminine values of empathy, cooperation, sensitivity, tolerance, nurturance, and compassion. Justice is also often depicted as Justitia or Lady Justice.

UNICE is already in development as a collaborative public policy wiki, but later she will also function as a public-policy answer-engine, capable of interacting with anyone in any language through wearable interfaces, such as smart glasses. She will be the voice in our head, our global conscience, and an extension of our brain. Eventually she will evolve into a form of governance that balances the world’s resources with the needs of the people. She will also help us prepare for post-human entities who may be considered future forms of ourselves but will have god-like capabilities—something which could be thrilling, perilous or both. UNICE will help us make the transition, which will presumably include some form of AI enhancement to prevent humans from becoming irrelevant.



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