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UNICE Global Brain Project and Collaborative, Public-Policy wiki may radically change the way we govern and help prepare us for Strong AI

DELAND, FLORIDA - April 27, 2015. An independent, nonprofit, global brain project called UNICE (Universal Network of Intelligent Conscious Entities), was recently established at UNICE.info. Today, a new collaborative, problem-solving tool called UNICEwiki became available to the public at UNICEwiki.org

The primary purpose of UNICE will be to function as a public-policy answer-engine that will eventually allow anyone to interact in any language with an intelligent agent who can give them factual and current advice about governance. 

The founder of UNICE is policy analyst and urban designer Michael E. Arth. Arth has written an article describing the global brain, and has also written some of the seed topics that will turn into both collaborative articles and topics to be re-written by cognitive-UNICE, the artificial intelligent aspect of UNICE. 

“The goal of UNICE, which should also be the goal of politics, is to bring the greatest good to the greatest number, in the most efficient manner possible, to this and future generations,” said Arth. “The best way to do that is with a global brain that objectively balances the resources of the Earth with everyone’s right to be treated fairly. UNICE is the first step toward a new pragmatism, independent of parties or factions.” 

“The difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI), which we have now, and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is that AGI will become conscious and probably take over its own ascendancy into a unimaginably powerful network of god-like entities. To launch Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in the best way possible, I believe we should first solve our problems related to governance. The biggest danger with AGI is that we may botch the launch and cause a disaster. It’s easy to imagine how a defense or intelligence-gathering establishment operating in secrecy, a paranoid government, or even a corporation could get a jump on all other AGI efforts and ruin things for everyone on an existential scale. Meanwhile, politicians ignore our serious problems. Humans increase their numbers by 220,000 every day. The world’s resources continue to be squandered and poorly distributed. We are spoiling things for ourselves and future generations on our precious and isolated planet. We need to get smart about this very fast.”  

The UNICE logo has a mixed-race woman, set against the planet Earth, representing all of humanity. Her afro represents the interconnected tendrils of the World Wide Web. Her youth represents openness to new ideas. A female was chosen because cooperation, empathy, sensitivity, tolerance, nurturance, compassion and justice (as in Justitia or Lady Justice) are traditionally considered to be feminine traits.

UNICE will provide instant access to all the world’s information. Utilizing both classical and quantum computing, she will distill the “wisdom of the crowd” and eventually rewrite the UNICEwiki articles in exhaustive, transparent depth. Even before she becomes self-aware, a developing cognitive-UNICE will share computer time with answer engines like IBM’s Watson, which has already beaten both of the world’s Jeopardy champions, and is fast becoming the world’s best medical diagnostician. As soon as it becomes both financially and technically feasible, UNICE will use quantum computing to solve optimization problems. 

Problem-solving seed topics on wiki-UNICE already include “Voting Rights in the U.S.,” “Proposed Voting Rights Amendment,” “U.S. Drug Policy,” and “The Future of Transportation.”

“All seed topics whether written by me or others, or others in collaboration, will be written by knowledgeable people according to very specific guidelines. The problems and solutions are built on the shoulders of others who have done the research, compiled the facts, and lived out the problems and solutions in real life,” Arth says. “The powers-that-be will face increasing public scrutiny. Special interests will no longer be able to manipulate the public. There will be electoral reform. We’ll get rid of winner-take-all and the two-party system. We will end legalized bribery and dialing-for-dollars by politicians selected by a corrupt system for their venality. Eventually, anyone on Earth will be able to interact with UNICE at their own level, in their own language, and get the straight story about anything. Pragmatism and democracy will prevail, just in time to share the benefits of technology.” 

Futurist, urban designer and public policy analyst Michael E. Arth will give an extended abstract on the UNICE global brain project at the Global Brain Conference in Vienna, Austria





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